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  • 8000 million Euros are lost every year due to the theft of goods being transported in the EU
  • 30 %of drivers have suffered two or more robberies
  • 72 %of robberies take place at night

the greatest volume of cases of the theft of goods from transport vehicles take place in poorly illuminate rest areas and parking area.

The modus operandi of criminals is constantly evolving and the disappearance not only of goods but also of entire vehicles has become commonplace.

It is necessary to take measures, such as looking for parking areas with security systems like those offered by REPSOL SECURITY PARKING.

Insurance: new clauses

Insurance companies have implemented clauses limiting their liability in the event of theft. They thus incriminate drivers who have to guard the load. To do this, drivers must park their vehicles in areas with 24-hour surveillance.

For an insurance company to take responsibility for an eventuality such as theft:


In areas without surveillance, drivers must remain inside the vehicle with the security systems activated.


Alternatively, drivers may park in a closed area with permanent surveillance so they can leave the vehicle.

* Sources: International Road Union (IRU), International Transport Forum, Llerandi

Tips for preventing robberies from lorries

  • SECURITY 01Establishing schedules for trips with safe places to stop which have surveillance.
  • SECURITY 02Exchanging information with other drivers.
  • SECURITY 03Installing physical and technological security components in vehicles.
  • SECURITY 04Improving identification and facility-access checks.